December, 2000.

The Magic of India

A new coffee-table book about India appeared in stores a couple of days ago, called The Magic of India (Magia Indii). The book, which has India as its subject, is the brainchild of two outstanding experts on the region: Janusz Krzyżowski, the author, and Andrzej Kotnowski, the photographer. This isn`t Kotnowski and Krzyżowski`s first joint undertaking. Thier previous work, The Music of India (Muzyka Indii), has enjoyed a great deal of recognition.
Fascinated with India`s marvelous landscapes and relics of the past, Kotnowski decided to record his impressions in photographs and then transfer the views of mountains, deltas, deserts, beaches and breath-taking buildings onto the book`s pages. The Magic of India was released by the Medyk publishing house. You can take it home with you for around zl.60.

Dorota Dziuba


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