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Ghazals of legendary Urdu poet Mir Taqi Mir are translated into Polish to great acclaim

Urdu poetry is now making inroads in Poland. The Urdu ghazals of famous 18th century poet, Mir Taqi Mir, have been translated into Polish.

A collection of Mir’s ghazals, illustrated by Gholam Mahdi, an Iranian artist, and translated by Polish intellectual Janusz Krzyzowsky and an Indian writer based in Warsaw, Surender Bhutani, was released by the Indian ambassador, Anil Wadhwa, in a ceremony in Warsaw on September 21.

The ceremony was attended by about 100 Polish writers, poets, media and intell- ectuals and diplomats at the Indian embassy residence.

On this occasion, Janusz Krzyzowsky and Surender Bhutani read out about twenty short ghazals in Urdu and Polish and also played ghazals of Abida Parveen to introduce the audience to the beauty of Indian ghazal singing.

For many of the Polish guests, sources at Indian embassy in Warsaw told INEP, this was the first initiation into ghazals. This is the first time that translation has been done from Urdu to Polish of ghazals into a ghazal form, a task rendered extremely difficult due to the fact that Mir was not a simple poet.

Basically a poet of love, Mir Taqi Mir lived from 1723-1810 and was a specialist in ghazals. He has left behind six poetical collections, or Diwans, containing a total of 13,585 couplets.

Mir’s chief strength lies in expressing deep thoughts in a simple language, seemingly artless, yet representing the acme of poetic skill and perfection. He is also believed to be one of the early architects of the Urdu language.

Many Polish intellectuals expressed the hope that this event will lead to similar translations of Indian literary work being translated into Polish, for which there was a widespread demand in the country. Poland has a strong tradition of Indology, and a few days ago, the Indian Embassy at Warsaw hosted a conference on Indology for the central and eastern European region.


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