Janusz Krzyzowski

Sunday, December 19, 2010 Sunday, December 19, 2010

Important book, Jatakas from prakrit of Sri Lanka collection have been released in Polish on November 24, In Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw.

Janusz Krzyzowski, a long acting IPCC member have translated and adapter this monumental work of Buddhist literature.

The merit of the translation lies in the fact that Jatakas have been translated first time in Polish which enhances the beauty for the readers.

While releasing the books First Secretary of Indian Embassy Mr. Vikrant Rattan gave short introduction about Jatakas and Buddhas teaching. Jatacas are full of nuances and to bring those subtle thoughts into Polish and translator have done a remarkable job. It is a boon for Polish readers to enrich themselves with something novel. The curator of the Museum Mr Maciej Goralski sad: „We are proud of contributions of this outstanding scholar. He is a pioneer in this field. The way he have enriched the cultural aspects of India and Poland in recent years is highly praiseworthy.”

”We are proud of their achievements. It is our privilege to publish this work in Poland” said Janusz Krzyzowski, head of IPCC, to the audience which included several well-known polish intellectuals from Polish Academy of Science, Colegium Civitas, Ibn Khaldun Institut in Warsaw and others.

Umesh Nautiyal president of IPCC Poland


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