Urdu poetry making inroads in Poland

Warsaw, July 21, 2007

Urdu poetry is constantly making inroads in Polish literary circles.

After legendary poets Mir and Ghalib were translated into Polish , now celebrated Urdu poet Raghupati Sahay Firaq Gorakhpuri\'s ghazals have been translated in to Polish by a Polish Indologist Janusz Krzyzowski and Surender \'Zahid\', an Indian poet based in Warsaw.

Releasing the book on Thursday evening in the presence of Warsaw literary elite, Indian ambassador Anil Wadhwa congratulated the two translators.

“It is amazing that these two translators have brought Urdu ghazal form into a Polish poetry with their outstanding works. In two years time all the great Urdu poets have been translated into Polish language. One can feel the ethos of Urdu diction in Polish language now.\"

\"Master poets like Firaq, who should have been given a noble prize in his life time, deserves to be read by the poetry lovers all over the world. In Firaq\'s poetry we find the nuances of Vedas and Upnashids on one hand and on the other we are prompted to appreciate the beauty of Kalidasa\'s works.\"

\"Like Mir, Firaq had given a new diction to Urdu ghazal and successfully rooted the ghazal into Indian soil.\" added Wadhwa.

Stanislaw Takorski, a professor of Indian studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences, said \"what is going on in Polish literature these days is a unique experiment and we can now appreciate the delicacy of Urdu ghazal, a form which is 1400 years old.”

“ Thanks to these two outstanding translators, our horizon to understand the literature from the Indian sub-continent has widened immensely in the last three years,\" said Takorski.

On his part, Surender \"Zahid\' said that he along with his associate Janusz will bring out more works of Urdu peotry in the near future and they will concentrate on Urdu Rubaiyat now onwards.

\" The lyrical beauty of Rubaiyat which Omar Khayyam had explored in Persian have also been successfully implanted in Urdu literature . Let Polish readers realise the delicacy of Urdu Rubaiyat in their native language,\" he added.

Firaq`s translation was financed by the Indian Association of Poland.

J.J. Singh, secretary-general of the association assured the audience that his association will always remain eager to finance the literary activities in future also.

\" This is not one time support. Actually by associating with and honouring these translators we honour ourselves also in the eyes of Polish readers,\" said Singh.

The function concluded with the rendering of Firaq\'s ghazals by the famous Indian singer Inderneeel Mukherji who was invited for the event by the Indian Association.

A famous Polish actor Robert Tandora read the verses of Firaq with great gusto and verve.


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